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Welcome I’m Advaith

I am a data visualization engineer motivated to create next-gen data experiences.

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I live between the intersection of data, creativity, and programming.


Parallel Coordinates graph comparing in split and out of split games over multiple game metrics.
Splits Table comparing in split and out of split games across points, pass yards, pass attempts, touchdowns, pass touchdowns, and offensive drives.
FTN NFL Splits
Filter panel to specify team and year.
Table where each row is a NFL team. Shows different metrics per team including: rank, games, plays, pass and rush percentage, and more.
Heatmap depicting receiving yards across field. Encodes areas length deep or short, and side - left, right, middle.
Gallery of wide receiver and corner back matchups highlighting matchup rating.
FTN NFL WR/CB Matchups
Bump chart depicting fantasy team rank over the regular season.
Gallery of charts available: bump, scatter, box, stacked, heatmap, and utilization.
Expense form to populate each expense made.
Quick stats showing rate of daily, monthly, and year to date spending.
Player matchup, Trae Young vs New York Knicks.
Data table of team rank against NBA dimer traits. Sorted by teams worst at defending dimers.
FTN NBA Advanced DVP
Player or Team selection interface.
Data table comparing basketball stats when player is on or off the court.
FTN NBA Splits
Odell Beckman from New York Giants to the Cleveland Browns.
Free agency galaxy scoped out.
NFL Free Agency Network
Stacked bar charts aligned on parental income percentiles. Each bar represents college tiers from high to low.
Percentile of students in different college tiers represented as a stacked bar chart.
College Mobility vs Income
Small multiple maps of the United States representing different industries.
Choropleth map of the United States.
Employment by Industry


picture of Advaith Venkatakrishnan

Like a moth to a flame, I am drawn to anything remotely creative.

Cooking, sculpting, painting, coding, writing - if I can make something with my hands I will try it. I value spending my time building fun and useful projects and pushing the boundaries on what has been done before. I am a product focused full stack developer who can take any concept from prototype to production.

Why data viz?

It all started in undergrad at Georgia Tech 🐝 CS 4460 - Intro to Information Visualization where I learned D3. By that time I already took machine learning, systems, and computer vision classes, but this was the first time I took something out of the classroom and applied it to daily life. I wanted to visualize my finances so I could see where my money was going. I created a custom interactive waterfall chart to show buckets of spending. This would be the first of many projects where I used data viz to visualize personal data points to make better decisions.